If you are new to the SCA, sometimes it can seem like we are speaking a different language. Hopefully this page contains all the confusing words you’ve been pondering over, and answers some of your questions. Most of the offices’ descriptions loosely came from “A New Members’ Guide to the Society for Creative Anachronism” 2000 The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

If you have any other questions, please contact any of our officers listed on the officers page. Also please refer to the newcomers section on our links page for more info for newcomers to the SCA.


Seneschal – The Seneschal is the representative for the local group in the outside world. Inside the group, they act as the chief administrative officer. They are responsible for coordinating the happenings of the local group and overseeing the other officers. A seneschal was an officer in the houses of important nobles in the Middle Ages. In the French administrative system of the Middle Ages, the term seneschal was also a royal officer in charge of justice and control of the administration in southern provinces. The word itself dates back to the late 14th C. (partial source:

Knight Marshal – The Knight Marshal is in charge of armored fighter training, safety on the combat field, and enforcing the armor regulations for Heavy Combat Fighting.

Rapier Marshal – The Rapier Marshal is in charge of armored fighter training, safety on the combat field, and enforcing the armor regulations for Rapier Combat Fighting.

Archery Marshal – The Archery Marshal is in charge of armored fighter training, safety on the combat field, and enforcing the armor regulations for Combat and Target Archery Fighting.

Youth Marshal – The Youth Marshal is responsible for armored youth fighter training, safety on the combat field, and enforcing the armor regulations and other specific Minor Combat regulations for Youth Combat Fighting.

Exchequer/Reeve – The Exchequer or Reeve is in charge of all the financial affairs of the group. “Reeve” is the English term an official elected annually by the serfs to supervise lands for a lord. The reeve of an entire shire was a Shire-reeve, predecessor to the word and position of Sheriff. (source:

Minister of Arts and Sciences – The Minister of Arts and Sciences coordinates the study and practice of the pre-17th Century arts and sciences activities of the group. The Minister of A & S is also responsible for working with the Provost to organize classes.

Provost – The Provost is the acting head of the University of Meridies within the local groups. The provost is responsible for scheduling classes, maintaining local class records and for forwarding all class information to the Royal University.

Pursuivant/Herald – The local Heraldic officer is in charge of helping people research their names and heraldic devices, making sure they are appropriate and accurate for the time period and geographical area desired.

Chronicler – The Chronicler publishes the group’s newsletter, which can range from a simple schedule of upcoming events to a booklet containing articles by local members.

Chatelaine/Hospitale – The Chatelaine or Hospitaler is responsible for welcoming new and prospective members and introducing them to the Society’s activities. They are also responsible for organizing activities to attract new members.

Gold Key – The Gold Key Officer is responsible for keeping and maintaining all of the Shire’s loaner items, including clothes, feast gear, and any other items the group members have donated for loaning use. They are also responsible for making sure the items are returned in good shape and a timely fashion.

Quartermaster – The Quartermaster is in charge keeping and maintaining the group trailer and all articles inside, which are items that have been bought by or donated to the group, including banners, road signs, and group owned pavilions to name a few.

Minister of Children – The Minister of Children is responsible for fostering the interest and education of the children of the group through participation in Society activities which they can take part. They are also responsible for overseeing the children’s activities at events.

Historian – The Historian’s job is to record the history of the group by the collecting and keeping of flyers, newsletters, news clippings, video records and reports. They are responsible for the compilation of a group history that can be easily looked at and comprehended.

Webminister/Webmistress – The Webminister/Webmistress is in charge of maintaining the group’s website and keeping the information updated.

Balinator – The Balinator is responsible for the upkeep of the restroom supplies at events. Also referred to as the “Pottycrat”.

Miscellaneous Terms

R.U.M. – R.U.M. stands for Royal University of Meridies. The purpose of the Royal University of Meridies is to aid in the education of the populace of Meridies on all aspects of the Middle Ages through local and kingdom Collegiums and by distributing information via a Resource Center.

Troll – The Troll is responsible for the check-in or buy-at-the-door admission at an event. They operate the “Troll Booth”.

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