LMOM XVI Tournaments

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Heavy Tournaments
Heavy Marshall: Earl Wulfstan Thorhallsson

Rose Tourney
The Rose Tourney is the staple of Lusty Month of May through the years.

Double Elimination Speed Tourney
The second tournament will be a double elimination speed tourney if there are enough fighters. If the number of fighters is lower under 12, a round robin. Then open pickups.

Rapier Tournaments
Rapier Marshall: Lord Davio de la Rouge

Rose Tourney
All participants will begin the tourney with 2 roses, each fighter will challenge any other fighter that has signed in and has been inspected. The format is to be a single pass with open weapons style. The winner will direct the loser to deliver one of the losers roses to the person of the winners choice. We will continue until there is only one person left with roses. Participant may purchase additional roses for the tourney for $1 (2 additional roses). A prize will be provided by Lord Davio de la Rouge to the victorious winner of the tournament.

Seeds of Love Tourney
Seed packs will be given out to any and all ladies that show up to the event. Fighters will need to find a lady that has a seed pack and perform some deed in order to earn the ladies favor (seed pack). The tournament will be Bear Pit style and a pay to play. Fighters will need to pay one favor in order to enter. The winner will stay and keep the losing fighters seed pack. This will continue until one fighter has won all seed packs or until we have to stop.

Fighters need to remember to die when they lose. There is a potential for a prize for a most glorious death….