LMOM XVI Merchants

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Stormbringer’s Treasure
Stormbringer’s Treasure is owned and operated by Tim, Pam and Peggy Sokoll…Timothy, Siobhan and Marguerite Stewart.
They make all of their merchandise and Timothy also turns wood. They carry the following:
Mirror boxes (oak, poplar..large and small); Lidded boxes (canisters…turned in walnut, cherry, oak, pine and poplar); End-grain cutting boards; Feast gear (small, medium and large plates); Jewelry of all kinds..pendants to pearls in necklaces and earrings, beadbelts, and sets; Scented castile soap; Scented lotion bars; Scented sugar scrub; Coifs; Viking caps; Some garb..size small; Cloaks; Small plain canvas bags; Small deco fabric pouches; Calligraphy boxes (by special order only); Spindle sticks (special order only); Timothy also takes custom orders.

All of their lidded boxes and end-grain boards have been cured with pure mineral oil, feast gear with pure tung oil, all completely food safe.

Their Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/StormbringersTreasure/

David the Scot
David sells Books, Feastware, Garb and a number of eclectic items from across the known world.

Chained Reactions and Chained Reactions Archery
Chain Reactions offers beautiful and inventive jewelry as well as kits and supplies for chain maille “do it yourselfers”. Special orders and custom creations are welcomed and appreciated! Chain Reactions Archery carries all the needed supplies for mounted archery or SCA/LARP archery. We carry horsebows, long bows, arrows, and other supplies.
Their Facebook pages are:

Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters
Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters is a small local costume company that has been in business for almost 20 years. They do the basics from eight different cultures, plus steampunk and gothic lolita. Their emphasis is on historical Japanese, vintage kimono, and European Renaissance.
Their Facebook page is: