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Pie Feast

Baroness Sibella Denton
(mka Heather Mbaye)

Pie Feast Update (04/19/17):

Green Salad
Beef Roast with carrots and potatoes in ale Pie
Chicken and Mushrooms in Sherry Cream sauce Pie
Onions and Apples Pie (vegetarian, not vegan)
Dessert: MORE PIE

Please remember that pie feast will be served to a very limited number of people. PLEASE RESERVE ASAP in order to secure a place. Baroness Sibella will not be making a lot of extra pies to serve to people who sign up on the day, and the absolute limit is 60 people. However if only 20 reserve in advance, she will not making 40 people worth of pies on spec and so feast will be limited. Pies are somewhat less elastic than other feasts!

Important note: If you have allergies, please contact Baroness Sibella in advance and she will make sure you are not allergic to at least two of the pie options, unless you are allergic to eggs or wheat in which case you probably should not eat pie crust. ☺ Please also include the information on your Reservation Form, to cover all our bases.

Fundraiser Brownies
The College of the Rising Phoenix will be selling brownies to raise funds to build their initial coffers so they can host a future event and get their local group off the ground. Brownies will range from $1 to $3. There will be gluten-free, sugar-free and some with nuts. Please visit their booth in the “village” and help support a new group trying to get established.